The Warriors

The Warriors


Enter any of the following during
•    gameplay:
-    $200, Flash and Spraypaint - Black, Click Left Thumbstick, R, A, Down, R
-    100% Completion - R, Back, X, Down, L, Right
-    Bum Advice Upgrade - B, B, Down, Click Left Thumbstick, L, B
-    Complete Mission - Down, X, A, Back, Black, Left
- Get Bat - X, Click Left Thumbstick, Down, Down, R, R
-    Get Knife - Down, Down, Back, Up, Up, White

Get Machete - R, A, Black, Black, Back, Click Left Thumbstick
Get Pipe - Click Left Thumbstick, B, Back, Up, R, Right
Get Unbreakable Bat - White, White, B, Up, B, Back
-    hfinite Health - Up, Y, White, Back, A, L Infinite Rage- X, B, Y, Back, A, Left Infinite Sprint- Down, X, Left, A, R, Back
Lose the Police - Up, Back, A, Y, Y, B Unlock brass knuckles - B, B, B, R, Back, Y
Unlock Combat Stamina Upgrade - A, R, Down, X, Up, A
Unlock Cuff Drops - Up, A, Up, Back, White, R
•    Unlock Cuff Key Drops - Left, A, A, Click Left Thumbstick, R, Down Unlock Flash Capacity upgrade - L, A, Click Left Thumbstick, R, R, B Unlock Flash Upgrade - Down, Left, Up, Up, X, Right
Unlock Hobo Alliance - Black, Mack, R, Black, R, Up
Unlock Sprint Stamina Upgrade - L, Back, Back, Back, Back, Y
Unlock steel-toe boots - Click Right Thumbstick, Click Left Thumbstick, Black, White, L, R
-    Unlock Uncuff self - Y, Y, Y, Back, Y, Black
Unlock Weapons Dealer - Right, Black, B, A, Back, X
During the Armies of The Night mini-game:
99 Credits in Armies of The Night - Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right
•    Finish the game once and beat all of the •
flashback missions and it will appear in your hangout.

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